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Year 2019

14 Rue de la Paix,

75002 Paris, France

Fred Samuel, creator of the Maison Fred, has drawn inspiration throughout his life from his many travels around the world. The jeweler has built up a collection of souvenirs that he has transformed into jewelry. With the help of Vincent Darré, the House of Fred honors this narrative odyssey. Entitled "Les Escales de Fred", it inaugurates the adventure between land and sea that the House of Fred has been leading for over 80 years. A whimsical storyteller, Vincent Darré navigates between the epic of Fred Samuel, the past, present and future of the House, in a dreamlike and poetic travelogue where sketches, gouaches, photographs and quotations from the jeweler intermingle. Illustrated and scripted by Vincent Darré, this adventure is divided into three parts, each including a travel diary and a video. Maison Fred and Vincent Darré set sail for the Côte d'Azur, to discover the sun, the stars and the artists Fred Samuel so admired.

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