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THE REFERENCES.One of the common threads in his work is his memory, his childhood memories. When his mother takes him on a trip to Italy, he discovers the Baroque and its phantasmagorical references, the gaze of the Bomarzo monsters and the grotesque fountains of the Villa Lante. These gardens forgotten by modernity, the survivors of a pagan legend, rich in irrational symbols and madness, have haunted him ever since.

JOURNEY.Like cats, he has had several lives, moving from fashion to decoration, making his homes the laboratory of his extravagant creativity. He is said to be whimsical and baroque, Vincent Darré is above all free and agile. No doubt his James Thierré side, of which he has the wick and the tonicity and this dandy look.

SIGNATURE.A theatrical way of life that is dear to him and refers to an imaginary past. Vincent Darré embodies timeless French luxury, that of the decorative arts. The colors of its collections are rich, its pieces vary but are always unique, encouraging each visitor to move from one atmosphere to another. Its collection of chairs, sofas and armchairs is a formal invitation to lively conversations.

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Vincent Darré House


47 rue de Bellechasse – 75007 Paris

Phone +33 1 75 51 19 55



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