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Year 2022

15 Rue des Saints-Peres

75006 Paris,France

The French label « de Gournay » owns a showroom, showcased as an apartment hosting their clients.  Hannah Cecil Gurney decides to break the codes of her society and assign her savoir-faire to extravagant creativity of Vincent Darré to reinterpret the interiors of three spaces. This fruitful collaboration became obvious when she announced her wish to instal a fantastical unique and playful panorama. The first room, Trellis, is designed such as an entrance courtyard using an optical illusion. In the salon, Methapysic, the theme is exuberant, displaying a selection of ivory, beige, bruni and silver colors. Last but not least, the third space, Pagoda, the reinterpretation of period chinoiserie: a winkle to the label that praises the rich tradition of Chinese wallpaper. A great deal of the pieces are still hand painted on rice paper parchment in China.

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