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Hotel Montana

Year 2015

28 Rue Saint-Benoit,

75006 Paris, France

In 2015, with architects Elisabeth Lemercier and Philippe Bona for the common areas and facade, Maison Vincent Darré has carte blanche to decorate the restaurant, bar and suites of this historic jazz club. Visitors can therefore stay around the clock, changing the decor but without changing the address. The black façade of the building hides the eccentricity of the place, an imaginary, fantastic and surreal world. This project goes once again to the realization of the custom-made furniture. At the bar, blue velvet sofas surrounded by dark vegetal wallpaper. The suites were designed to impress their guests, drawing inspiration from artists of all genres, Vincent Darré created a unique universe on each floor. The only common point between all the suites; the black tiled bathrooms in reference to Gainsbourg.

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